Realized and lived sustainability

New evaluation of our sustainability performance by EcoVadis.

KLINGER Schöneberg has been actively operating a sustainability management system since 2017, thereby making a significant contribution to corporate social responsibility (CSR). CSR stands for responsible entrepreneurial action in business activities, from ecologically relevant environmental aspects to relations with employees and the exchange with relevant stakeholders. For KLINGER Schöneberg, entrepreneurial action is not only limited to the implementation of economic principles, but is also an obligation towards society and the environment. Our understanding of sustainability is based on the conviction that we can achieve our economic goals and thus profitable growth primarily through responsible behavior towards society and the environment.

We are registered on the EcoVadis platform for neutral and evidence-based assessment of our sustainability performance. The EcoVadis rating covers a wide range of non-financial management systems, including the impact of the environment, labor and human rights, ethics and sustainable procurement. Each company is evaluated on the issues relevant to its size, location and industry. Tens of thousands of companies are already working with EcoVadis to use a common platform, a universal score card, benchmarks and tools to improve sustainability performance. EcoVadis provides companies with holistic corporate responsibility ratings through a global cloud based platform.

In addition, and for professional guidance on the way to CSR management and reporting, we are actively supported by the experts of the DFGE (Institute for Energy, Ecology and Economy, Munich) for sustainable management.

On Friday, September 18, 2020 the current evaluation and the result of the KLINGER Schöneberg sustainability performance was published on the EcoVadis platform. We achieved a higher score of 59 and for this result we still received the silver medal. With this result our company belongs to the best 25% of the companies evaluated by EcoVadis. Furthermore, it should be noted that KLINGER Schöneberg is in the top 8% of the companies evaluated by EcoVadis in the industry.

The result has to be put into perspective, as EcoVadis has significantly increased the requirements in the course of the last years. The increase is therefore all the more impressive. It can also be deduced from this that our sustainability performance and social responsibility in terms of sustainable management have been successful with the measures and improvements we have implemented. This motivates us to continue to optimize the CSR fields of action that are crucial to corporate success.

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