KLINGER Schöneberg with EcoVadis Status.

Social responsibility, environmental awareness, ethics, sustainability - KLINGER Schöneberg, a valve manufacturer, emphasize to these topics. Further argument of this was provided by the evaluation of the "EcoVadis" platform, which examines the sustainability management of companies. In June 2017, KLINGER Schöneberg was awarded with the “SILVER” certification of EcoVadis for the first time.

KLINGER Schöneberg has passed the first EcoVadis assessment and achieved a scoring of 56 points. With this result KLINGER Schöneberg clearly above the average of the industrial sector (42.2 points in October 2016). The result achieved is now the status quo, which applies now to improve continuously. Further measures have already been initiated.

EcoVadis is a leading provider of sustainability and corporate social responsibility (CSR) assessments, and operates the first collaborative platform that enables companies to measure their sustainability performance. Companies are examined for their ongoing commitment to responsible behavior. It analyzes, for example, how social and ecological factors are integrated into the work processes. According of EcoVadis, round about 20,000 companies use the platform, including international corporations. Many customers and business partners of KLINGER Schöneberg are also represented on the platform.

Customers of such companies can look at the results and records at EcoVadis. A company that has adhered to CSR principles can check whether suppliers meet the required standards. This is to ensure that the entire supply chain is subject to the principles of sustainability and responsibility. This creates trust and transparency between business partners and is intended to help promote innovation.

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